Brooklyn Guan

Hi! My name is Brooklyn Guan. I am a full stack developer based in Chicago.

I specialize in building accessible user-centered web experiences that are reusable and scalable. Current, I work at Cardinal Financial, where I build client-facing and internal web products.

Most Often Used Technologies:

  • Languages
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • SQL
  • Frameworks
    • Tailwind
    • SASS
    • React
    • Vue
    • Laravel
  • CMS & Services
    • WordPress
  • Tooling
    • Git
    • Gulp
    • Npm & Composer
    • Homestead

What My Typical Projects Look Like

Build the backend and frontend of new entities in WordPress.

  • Design and build data structure using custom post types and ACF or using custom data tables.
  • Build APIs for getting and posting the data.
  • Build interfaces for displaying data with support of searching, filtering, and pagination.

Build new features in the form of Wordpress plugins.

  • Build WordPress plugins, so they can be used across multiple websites, with emphasis security and scalability.

Retrieve data from third party services and create a frontend for displaying the data.

  • Follow the documentations to complete the authentication.
  • Build APIs to fetch data from third-party services and store the data locally.
  • Build APIs to serve the data from a local database.
  • Build interfaces for displaying data with support of searching, filtering, and pagination.

Create custom Gutenberg blocks for landing pages.

  • Create custom Gutenberg blocks as building components for landing pages.
  • Provide options for different colors and styles in the blocks.
  • Style the blocks on both user-facing and admin areas to give editors a better editing experience.

Build workflows to automate complex jobs.

  • Retrieve data from third-party services.
  • Loop through the rows and insert the data to local data tables through API.
  • Schedule to run the workflows manually or automatically.

Create forms for collecting user data and integrate them with third-party CRMs.

  • Create multiple-step forms from scratch or using Gravity Forms.
  • Conditionally send data to third-party CRMs or emails
  • Style the frontend for best user experience.

Relevant Work Experience

Senior Full Stack Developer at Cardinal Financial (Remote)

May 2019 - present
  • Write modern, performant code for building new features for client-facing websites and the intranet.
  • Maintain and optimize platforms, such as WordPress core and plugins.
  • Write documentations and job aids. Provide training sessions to other teams.
  • Communicate and collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, designers, project managers, and stakeholders.
  • Focus on security, accessibility and performance during the development process.
Web Developer at Glantz Design (Evanston, IL)
Oct 2016 - May 2019
  • Build pixel perfect and editor friendly custom WordPress websites for clients from different industries.
  • Maintain 50+ WordPress websites on a monthly basis and provide maintenance reports.
  • Build HTML emails and websites.

How I Became a Web Developer

My web development career started in October 2016. A year before that, a local digital agency's job listing caught my attention. I decided to turn my long-term interest into a career. I built a detailed and highly self-driven learning plan that included all the technologies I needed to know to get a job at that agency. One by one, I learned those skills and built a portfolio. Ten months later, I was hired by that same agency, where I happily worked for two and half years.

Now I am working in a full stack dev team of a finance company with a leading mortgage technology. My main focus is building reliable and performant web products for the branding and marketing team.

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